Download and Build mcPolymer

Download mcPolymer source code

Build environment
This section gives an introduction on how to build mcPolymer on a Linux system. However you can also use e.g. a Microsoft Visual Studio setup to build the software; there are no platform specific dependencies. You may also consider running a Windows subsystem for Linux setup (WSL2 e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) on a Windows Desktop.
For building mcPolymer with "make" on Linux, you will need:

  • GCC version 7 and newer (we use some fancy C++17 features)
  • Gtest/Gmock for the unit tests (tested with version 1.10)
  • lcov for code coverage builds (tested with version 1.14)

On an Ubuntu system these packages are installed with this line:
> sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtest-dev lcov

Build mcPolymer
The makefile provides several build targets. The default build provides the executable.
Further options are:

  • make debug - builds mcPolymer with debug symbols; for debugging tools such as gdb
  • make gtest - builds and executes unit tests
  • make coverage - builds and executes unit test and creates a great looking html based code coverage
  • make clean - removes all build artifacts